Orgelbau Kuhn

Orgelbau Kuhn AG, 2005

New organ

Windladen: slider chests
Traktur: mechanical
Registratur: electrical

Einweihung: 11.12.2005

Experte: P. Ambros Koch
Gehäuseentwurf: Hans-Peter Keller
Intonation: Raymond Petzold

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former organ

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Portrait-Nummer 114080

Rümlang II/P/22
Switzerland, Zurich
Kath. Kirche St. Peter

Disposition (download)

Surprising vitality of sound

«All good things come to he who waits». This well known saying hits the nail on the head where the church in Rümlang is concerned. With exemplary foresight, space for an organ had been earmarked from the beginning. This doesn't go without saying for a modern church. For various reasons the realisation of the project was not, however, possible until 2005. Up until this time a temporary instrument with one manual had been in service. Now, 35 years after the inauguration of the church, the sound of the new Kuhn organ takes full advantage of the room's acoustic possibilities.

On planning the specification of the 22 stops, the liturgical uses of the room was the primary factor. An instrument with Swell should, besides the classical church music of the 18th century, also lend itself to the interpretation of the Romantic repertoire. The success of this dual functionality depends largely upon the skill of the organ builder in scaling and voicing the pipes. Each single voice must be tonally convincing if this is to be achieved. In Rümlang the room's acoustic also contributed to the success of the project. It provides an ideal situation in which to express exceptional nobility in the organ's sound.

The layout of the façade is the result of combined searching and agreement. The aim was to provide completion of the church interior in the sense of its original conception and to provide a link between the interior architecture and the organ. With its simple structure and prominent arch, the façade reflects the interesting interplay of straight lines and sweeping curves which is a feature of the room. At the same time the appearance of the organ reminds one of an angel, spreading its wings protectively above the congregation.
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