Orgelbau Kuhn

Orgelbau Kuhn AG, 2005

New organ

Windladen: slider chests
Traktur: mechanical
Registratur: electrical

Einweihung: 19.06.2005

Experte: Ambros Koch
Gehäuseentwurf: Christoph Jedele, Hans-Peter Keller (Planung)
Intonation: Rudolf Aebischer

Kuhn-Orgel in der Kirche St. Verena, Stäfa/ZH

Links, Downloads:
Inaugural publication (in German, 1.0 MB)
Church windows painted by Dan Rubinstein
Website of the Parish (in German)

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Portrait-Nummer 114040

Stäfa II/P/29
Switzerland, Zurich
Kath. Kirche St. Verena

Disposition (download)

A universe of sound colour thanks to technical finesse

The new organ for the church of St. Verena in Stäfa was built under ideal circumstances. Thanks to the trust with which we were received by our neighbouring parish and the freedom we were given, both in the conception of the instrument and during the construction work, we had the opportunity of undertaking an ambitious project both in terms of the organ's tonal qualities as well as its technical systems. This instrument is a testimony of our conviction that it is not alone the «what» of organ building but also the «how», as an interpretation of existing knowledge, which leads to the establishment of new standards.

The design principles applied here result in a dialogue of forms and shapes. In order not to dominate the room, the organ reflects features of the interior architecture of the church through the design of its casing and the mild sheen of the tin pipes. The room is marked by the radiant glass window designed by the artist Dan Rubinstein as well as through an atmosphere of light and space. The gallery's transparent balustrade which we also designed and built further reflects these features. Light and elegant, it allows an unobstructed view up onto the gallery.

The finely differentiated tonal spectrum is outstanding for a modern organ of this size. That three further 8 ' stops supplement the obligatory Principal in the Hauptwerk (Great) is of particular worth: the somewhat pert but charming Doppelbourdon, the tranquil Konzertflöte and the reserved Dulciana suggest, in the tonal conception of the instrument, a stylistic tendency towards the Romantic.

Of course, this is also true of the Schwellwerk (Swell): the lyrical Suavial, the rich and colourful Gambe, brought into heavenly undulation through the addition of the beating stop, Vox Caelestis, then the multitalented Rohrflöte, in addition the two reed stops Oboe and Trompette Harmonique - truly features which have brought credit to many a large organ. Of course, classical elements such as mutation stops and mixtures retain their standard place in the stop list.

The Pedal Organ is also by no means overshadowed in terms of quality: three 16 ' flue stops together with two sonorous reed stops provide the tonal foundations of this organ. All this in an instrument of modest dimensions - thanks to great ingenuity and meticulous planning.
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